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Dog-Life-Jacket.com is a Dog Lovers powered website so you will receive the best support and premium quality dog life jackets for your dog.

Dedicated To Keeping Your Canine Companion Safe

Yes, we love our dogs, too… as much as you do.

And our dogs have become our inspiration in creating a dog life jacket that lets us bring our dog to have fun on the water with us, without worrying about their safety.

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Only the best quality for your loved one.

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Free Shipping Worldwide as a standard.

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Dog Life Jacket

Our love of dogs motivated us to keep innovating and allowed us to move forward beyond what every other company is willing to do, in order to find the best dog life jacket that offers maximum protection and comfortability.

Since the very beginning, we’ve always done things a little differently from the others. 

We’re driven by our love of dogs and our passion for watersports. Whether it’s kayaking, paddling, or just enjoying the ocean on the boat, we’d love to bring our canine companion on board.

We’re self-funded, and we’re proud of becoming the owners of our own company, which allows us to always doing our best to keep our customers happy, reinvest our profits to make our products better, and have the freedom to pursue what we love rather than profit. 

We are an adventurous and curious group. Driven by our curiosity, we’re able to push the boundaries and take all the risks whenever we see an opportunity to satisfy our customers more.

We believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity. We treat each other like family with trust and support, and we honor each other’s hard work by offering gratitude and respectful feedback.

We have fun together. Our close relationship goes beyond our office building. We go paddling together, rafting, surfing, and kayaking. We gather around the breakfast table whenever we have free time, drinking beer, and laughing or singing together. Our dogs have fun together, too. In fact, most of them know each other and we love to let them run off-leash in the office because after all, they’re our source of inspiration and motivation.

Sometimes we cry together. We might be a little sensitive but that’s because we’re dog people.

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